Thursday, 8 March 2012

DELL L502x Crashing During Gameplay.

Many people are still experiencing system crashes when playing games and animations using the GT540m on the Dell XPS L502X laptop as described in the Dell forums:

There is allot of talk among these forums that suggests that a Software update/BIOS update will solve or help fix the problem. When I sent my laptop back to Dell for repair, they replaced the motherboard and ram. When i got it back All my games that used to crash were still on the hard drive since they didnt re install the operating system and they played fine straight away.This suggests that it is purely a Hardware problem and has nothing to do with drivers or firmware.

Another plausable solution is to Underclock your GPU which is not favoured by many as this lowers the speed of the graphics card and you are not getting the performance described when purchasing the system. Altering your GPU clock speed May void your warranty. If you have one you should use it to get a new, free motherboard from Dell.

There has even been talk of people who have had a the problem occur After repair. Crashing that becomes ever more frequent and the tell tale Metallic, Tinny noise that comes along with the crash. That leaves me thinking, How long has mine got left? Was it a bad batch of motherboards? Will this problem re occur for me? Only time will tell but there will be no free motherboard for me next time. My warranty is up.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

DELL L502x Crashing During Gameplay.


As many of you may be aware, the DELL XPS (L502X) Laptop has a reputation for crashing games and 3D animations due to a faulty motherboard.

Since I posted my videos on youtube i have had hundreds of e-mails asking for my help in resolving this issue. There is no "quick fix" for this problem. No amount of software changes, Driver updates or factory restores will solve your problem.

But there is still hope.

DELL will replace your motherboard free of charge so long as your laptop is still under warranty.

Heres what to do:

FIRST to confirm that it is your motherboard that is at fault, make sure you have plenty of power in your battery. Load up a game that you know crashes on your laptop and turn the power off so that you are running on batteries.

You should be able to play any game without your laptop crashing so long as its running on batteries.

NOW Once the batteries start to run low and you are satisfied that you can play fine on batteries, Swith the power back on and keep playing. No doubt your laptop will have crashed shortly afterwards.

So, you have a faulty motherboard, And can prove it because it works fine on batteries but crashes when plugged in.

Time to call DELL Support. Be sure to have your SERVICE TAG at hand. this can be found on a sticker undernieth your laptop.

UK 0844 338 1000

Explain to DELL that your laptop works fine on batteries but when it's plugged in it constantly crashes while playing games.

DELL will offer to have a driver colect your computer for repair (which could take up to 2 weeks) OR alternatively you can pay £30 and a repair man will come round to your house the next day and swap the motherboard while you wait.

I myself waited the 2 weeks and when i got my computer back they had changed the motherboard and the RAM. It's worked fine ever since.