Tuesday, 27 September 2011

DELL L502x Crashing During Gameplay.


As many of you may be aware, the DELL XPS (L502X) Laptop has a reputation for crashing games and 3D animations due to a faulty motherboard.

Since I posted my videos on youtube i have had hundreds of e-mails asking for my help in resolving this issue. There is no "quick fix" for this problem. No amount of software changes, Driver updates or factory restores will solve your problem.

But there is still hope.

DELL will replace your motherboard free of charge so long as your laptop is still under warranty.

Heres what to do:

FIRST to confirm that it is your motherboard that is at fault, make sure you have plenty of power in your battery. Load up a game that you know crashes on your laptop and turn the power off so that you are running on batteries.

You should be able to play any game without your laptop crashing so long as its running on batteries.

NOW Once the batteries start to run low and you are satisfied that you can play fine on batteries, Swith the power back on and keep playing. No doubt your laptop will have crashed shortly afterwards.

So, you have a faulty motherboard, And can prove it because it works fine on batteries but crashes when plugged in.

Time to call DELL Support. Be sure to have your SERVICE TAG at hand. this can be found on a sticker undernieth your laptop.

UK 0844 338 1000

Explain to DELL that your laptop works fine on batteries but when it's plugged in it constantly crashes while playing games.

DELL will offer to have a driver colect your computer for repair (which could take up to 2 weeks) OR alternatively you can pay £30 and a repair man will come round to your house the next day and swap the motherboard while you wait.

I myself waited the 2 weeks and when i got my computer back they had changed the motherboard and the RAM. It's worked fine ever since.


  1. download this drivers :

    1 - BIOS A07

    2 - Realtek high defintion audio

    3 - Intel HD graphics family

    4- Nvedia Graphic driver 290.53 Beta

    this updates work for me , i didn't see any crash or freeze at now , but still have lag , it is Annoying ! i hope some update fix this lag

  2. Does this concern the XPS with Geforce GT 525m or 540m? Did you hear about the 540m crashing?

  3. Hi,

    I have the exact same problem with my XPS 15 (L502X). Dell has replace my motherboard but i still face the problem during 3D game play. Even now slowly i can notice the weird sound hanging problem during movie playback, good thing it din freeze my laptop. But i am sure pretty soon it will freeze.

    I am from Malaysia, and Dell Malaysia clearly have no clue what is going on. May i know what did your dell support told you that is causing the problem? So i can let Dell Malaysia know... Hopefully at least they know what is the problem...


  4. hi all

    as far I know, the problem usually happens only with the gt540m.

    I relased some modded bioses wich fixed the problem for many people.

    the bioses lower a bit the GPU voltage, it doesnt affect performance, but it lower the temperature, making it more stable.

    more info at this topic:


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  5. Thanks man, I've already called Dell to fix it. But would you be able to let me know the parameters you have in your GPU? It's just to know if Dell is going to replace my mobo for a good one, or just giving me a mobo with different parameters, this guy shows how to see that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGnMY1SMrfo